What happened to Google Analytics on Wednesday

What happened to Google Analytics on Wednesday

I was continuously monitoring the the google analytics traffic found a strange downwards surge in traffic since Wednesday onwards while checking the source lead I found none Google Analytics Wednesday

Spoke to few on my friends in USA , Australia & Europe all of them says they are down from 20% onwards downfall traffic from google whereas their keyword ranking & queries are the same.

Has google made any changes in their algorithm there is no a single source which could confirm the same. Which looking at the analytics and web masters there seems to be perfect even-tough the downfall of the analytics traffic seems mystery.

Is there any kind of bugs where it’s affecting the traffic as the recent where the porn sites were appearing for certain search terms like http://www.theverge.com/ Website which showed that there was bugs in Search Algorithm.What could be the reason for the traffic still yet to be confirmed

If you have expected this kind of similar situation where you can’t explain the downfall kindly do share the same


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