Web Analysts Match

This infographic, inspired by an analysis of how our solutions are used, gives an idea of a web analyst’s everyday life. It compares how French and German web analysts use our tools.

The differences are surprising at times, as they go beyond the framework of the web analyst role to reveal behaviours typical of our respective cultures and identities. See for yourself!




Exploring the Impact of Multi-Screen Mixology

Exploring the Impact of Multi-Screen Mixology

Everyone is talking about multi-screen but no one is measuring it. Brand advertisers ask us daily if we can tell them how their multi-screen campaign will affect their reach and brand impact metrics

Check the Infographic extensive research to better understand where digital video is going.

Exploring the Impact of Multi-Screen Mixology

SMEs are frustrated with their websites

Over 188 UK small and medium business responded to Browser Media’s survey at the London Business Show, providing insight into how SMEs are using and investing in online marketing today.

The survey highlighted:

  • SME managers and owners are familiar with social media marketing, email marketing and SEO.
  • Over 50% manage their digital activities in-house and one third have Agency support.
  • The least familiar online marketing tactics are content marketing, affiliate marketing and inbound marketing.

Research findings:

  • Eight out of ten (79%) small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) say their website is critical or very important to their business
  • Only 28% are happy with their company’s Google rankings
  • Only four in ten (43%) of these SMEs are actively investing in marketing their website to improve their web presence
  • Of those businesses who do invest in digital marketing, just over half (69%) undertake this solely in-house, and a third (31%) have some levels of agency support.
  • Those businesses that seek external expertise are more satisfied with their online presence and visibility than those who undertake all the work in house.

SME Online Marketing Infographic

Credit: SMEs are frustrated with their websites

70% of Consumers Researching Cars Turn to Search Engines

Kenshoo recently released an “industry spotlight” report and infographic highlighting key digital marketing trends for the sector.

Some key takeaways showed it takes higher levels of search spend to sell cars, according to the report. And, Kenshoo forecast ad spend would rise 143 percent by 2018 from 2012.

As featured in Kenshoo’s most recent infographic, Kenshoo Industry Spotlight: Automotive, search is the #1 resource used by today’s “digital driver”, per Google.

For more details, here is the full infographic:Industry Spotlight_Automotive

The Nofollow Tag

The nofollow tag is a way publishers can tell search engines not to count some of their links to other pages as “votes” in favor of that content.

See additional references and background information that come after the infographic:

The nofollow tag

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