The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

How to use the Periodic Table of Content Marketing

If you click the image a large screenshot should appear. I hope it is all reasonably self-explanatory.

There are eight areas

  • Strategy
  • Format
  • Content Type
  • Platform
  • Metrics
  • Goals
  • Sharing Triggers
  • Checklist

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


Using Content Marketing Strategies in B2B Emails

With 191.4 billion emails sent daily around the world, grabbing your customers’ attention with your message can be a shot in the dark. One of the most effective strategies emerging in global marketing is to use content marketing for your newsletters.

What content forms will work best in your emails?

Marketers use different forms of content to engage their prospects and customers:

  1. Customer testimonials are rated #1 most effective content marketing technique. Testimonials give customers an independent outsider’s point of view on your products and services.
  2. Case studies are considered effective by 88% of marketers. They help your audience visualize how they themselves can benefit from your services.
  3. Videos can help online shoppers make buying decisions, according to 96% of consumers.
  4. Whitepapers are still considered an advanced way to communicate with your audience. But they’re a great and appreciated way to share your expertise and knowledge. They also improve your position as an industry thought leader.
  5. Infographics. People love them. And they can be a perfect way to present a lot of dull stats in an attractive, digestible format.

These are all great types of content marketing you can use. But the real key to creating successful content is to understand your customers, their needs, and routines. When you’ve got that, you can create content that really helps solve their problems

Using Content Marketing Strategies in B2B Emails #Infographic

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What’s new in Bing Ads Features

Each release of Bing Ads offers new and enhanced features designed to help you connect with your target customers, boost campaign performance, and improve your ROI.

Here’s the latest New Bing Ads Features!

Product Ads now available for all U.S. customers Product Ads enable you to increase your clicks by including product details such as rich images, price and description within your ads. This can help searchers reach a purchase decision quickly, reducing the number of clicks and time involved. Take a look at our short video and new help articles to learn more about the value of Product Ads and how to start using them.Posted: April 2014
Get visual click and cost estimates for your keywords Thinking about changing your bids but worried about what it might do to your impressions or cost? Or maybe you want more clicks, but are not sure how much you need to increase your bid to make that happen. Bid landscape can help. Bid landscape, which is available only in the United States, shows you how different estimated bids would have impacted your impressions and clicks over the previous seven days. More information can be found here.Posted: April 2014
Find broad match keywords with Bing Ads Intelligence Use the new Broad Match Opportunities tool in Bing Ads Intelligence to find and apply broad match keywords in Excel. This feature generates broad match opportunities by looking at your current exact and phrase match keywords, and analyzing keyword performance data from Bing Ads traffic. Broad Match Opportunities can help expose your ads to a wider audience.Posted: April 2014
Broad match modifier available for Traditional Chinese campaigns Until now, broad match modifier was only available for campaigns that had a language setting of English or French. We have now added support for Traditional Chinese as well. Seethis article for more information.Posted: April 2014
Performance trend graph enhancements In response to your feedback, we’ve updated the trend graph space on the campaigns page. We replaced smooth lines with straight lines to reflect the data points that make up the graph. We also added inline help defining comparison range and comparison summary.Posted: April 2014
Higher bid limit for Indian Rupee The maximum bid in Indian Rupees is now INR 60,000.00.Posted: April 2014
No more $1.00 charge for forwarding numbers Previously, calls to a forwarding phone number set up as part of your call extension were charged a $1.00 fee. This additional charge is no longer applied and clicks are now just charged the standard cost per click.Posted: April 2014
View and sort your campaigns by budget On the Campaigns tab of the Campaigns page you can now sort and filter your campaigns by budget, similar to what you were able to do with most of the other columns of that tab, such as clicks and impressions. We’ve also added a total to the top of several of the columns on the various tabs of the campaigns page. Whenever you have more than 10 rows, we’ll summarize the information and provide a total. For example, if you have more than 10 campaigns, we’ll provide an overall total budget for all of your campaigns. This total will be displayed in the budget column, as the first row of the campaigns tab.Posted: April 2014
Add search terms to your keyword list Find out how customers are searching for your ads and use that information to improve campaign performance. Use the new search terms option on the keywords tab to see a list of search terms that caused your ad to be triggered. Select the keywords that are relevant to your campaign, and add them to your keyword list. Equally important, select the ones that aren’t relevant, and add them to your negative keyword list, so they won’t trigger your ad. For more information, see Add search terms as keywords.Posted: March 2014
Expanded search terms report The search terms report has been updated to capture all search terms, including those with zero clicks. Knowing which search terms result in zero clicks can inform you about keywords to add to your negative keywords list, which can in turn increase your overall CTR and quality score.Posted: March 2014
Reporting clarity We made several updates around the reports page to help you understand report terms and functions. The 15 report fields that users found most confusing now have inline help popups, telling you what the report is and why it’s important. We also renamed several reports based on your feedback, and added nearly 50 terms to our reports glossary. Providing clarity around Bing Ads reports is an ongoing effort, so please keep your feedback coming!Posted: March 2014
Edit your ad extensions all at once with Bing Ads Editor If you need to edit ad extensions (phone numbers, addresses, websites) and the extension is associated with hundreds of campaigns, there are hundreds of changes to make. With Bing Ads Editor, you can now use a spreadsheet to edit the details all at once, rather than line-by-line.Posted: March 2014
Streamlined and updated Campaigns page You’ve asked for a “cleaner” campaigns page and those changes have begun. You’ll see that several of the options on each of the tabs have been consolidated under a single Editbutton. Now you don’t have to wade through a sea of different buttons to make changes. Just select the rows you want to work with and click Edit. You can then pause and enable each row or make bulk updates to multiple items.We’ve also removed the cryptic filter and columns icons and replaced them with, suprisingly enough, the words Filters andColumns.Finally, you’ll also see that the Status column has been replaced by a new icon column on the far left of each tab. These icons give you a easy-to-scan indication of the status of each row: Enabled or Paused (“Enabled” is the new term for what used to be “Active”).Posted: March 2014
Mobile sitelinks now available Following the success of sitelink extensions on PCs, we have been working on expanding this feature to mobile. We have enabled over 60% of the Yahoo Bing Network mobile traffic to run Sitelinks in the US. In addition to the US, we are also actively rolling out to several other markets, including the United Kingdom, France, and others. Take a look at this blog for more information on mobile sitelinks.Posted: March 2014
New metrics and date ranges On the Campaigns page you will see two new date range options (last 14 days and last 30 days), and in the column chooser, you can now include return on ad spend (ROAS), revenue, and conversion rate in the tables on the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords tabs.Posted: March 2014
For our customers in Germany: Lastschriftverfahren has transitioned to SEPA direct debit Because of changes in German banking requirements, we have transitioned the lastchriftverfahren payment method to the SEPA direct debit payment method. Customers with existing lastchriftverfahren accounts will be automatically transitioned to SEPA direct debit. Customers who have German accounts that are billed in euro can now use the SEPA direct debit payment method to prepay their advertising costs.Posted: March 2014

SMEs are frustrated with their websites

Over 188 UK small and medium business responded to Browser Media’s survey at the London Business Show, providing insight into how SMEs are using and investing in online marketing today.

The survey highlighted:

  • SME managers and owners are familiar with social media marketing, email marketing and SEO.
  • Over 50% manage their digital activities in-house and one third have Agency support.
  • The least familiar online marketing tactics are content marketing, affiliate marketing and inbound marketing.

Research findings:

  • Eight out of ten (79%) small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) say their website is critical or very important to their business
  • Only 28% are happy with their company’s Google rankings
  • Only four in ten (43%) of these SMEs are actively investing in marketing their website to improve their web presence
  • Of those businesses who do invest in digital marketing, just over half (69%) undertake this solely in-house, and a third (31%) have some levels of agency support.
  • Those businesses that seek external expertise are more satisfied with their online presence and visibility than those who undertake all the work in house.

SME Online Marketing Infographic

Credit: SMEs are frustrated with their websites

70% of Consumers Researching Cars Turn to Search Engines

Kenshoo recently released an “industry spotlight” report and infographic highlighting key digital marketing trends for the sector.

Some key takeaways showed it takes higher levels of search spend to sell cars, according to the report. And, Kenshoo forecast ad spend would rise 143 percent by 2018 from 2012.

As featured in Kenshoo’s most recent infographic, Kenshoo Industry Spotlight: Automotive, search is the #1 resource used by today’s “digital driver”, per Google.

For more details, here is the full infographic:Industry Spotlight_Automotive