Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees YouTube Wars

Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees YouTube Wars!

Baseball has always been known as “America’s Pastime” (although now second to the NFL in popularity, according to the Harris Poll). But no two American teams in any sport have a more storied rivalry and are bigger sports brands than the Boston Red Sox, who won last year’s World Series, and the New York Yankees, who have won it more than any other team.

Neither team is leading in the American League standings this year, but what about on YouTube? Which team has more YouTube fans, and which team’s fans are more supportive?

Yankees vs Red Sox: User-generated Content on YouTube

YouTube presents an interesting playing field for a big brand like MLB, aka Major League Baseball. Unlike the NBA, MLB is relentless about culling its copyrighted videos from YouTube when posted by fans.

All this means that the baseball-related user-generated content on YouTube will have a higher likelihood of being original videos created by fans, rather than highlights or clips of games taken directly from television, as we might expect to see from the NBA.

YouTube Wars: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

So we looked into the YouTube footprint of both teams, and discovered that from a fan-created, earned-media perspective, they are almost tied. Please note that our calling attention to the deep analytics in the Octoly system may result in some of these Yankee or Red Sox videos being taken down, so the totals may change by the time you read this.

We found that the Yankees have 13,700 fans making videos about them on YouTube, edging out 12,400 creators on the Red Sox side. The Yankees fans also made more videos, 31,900 to 25,700.

YouTube Wars: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees



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