Google Partners Can Now Get Video Ad Certification

Google announced that the new Video Advertising advanced certification is now available to members of Google Partners in the United States – and coming soon to other countries. 

The gist of this is that partners can be recognized for expertise specifically in video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. This will help them get that message across to their clients.

Ad Words certified members of Google Partners in the U.S. can take the Video Advertising exam to earn advanced certification. Preparation for the video exam includes study guides on video advertising, creating ads and campaigns, and measuring and optimizing performance.

To learn more about this advanced certification, please visit the Partners Help Center.

This new exam verifies a partners knowledge of both basic and advanced Google Display and YouTube network concepts. To take the advanced video exam you first have to pass the initial Ad Words certification that covers the fundamentals of online advertising and campaign management.

Once you overcome the initial Ad Words exam you can then take the video advertising exam which comes with a printable HTML version of the certification available in your Google Partners my profile page. 

What are your thoughts on Google’s new advanced certification? 


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