Top15 Smartphone Apps March 2014

comScore released its US smartphone and mobile app rankings for March. Interestingly the company appears to have discontinued its ranking for mobile websites and is now only reporting on the top apps.

Top Smartphone Apps
Facebook ranked as the top smartphone app, reaching 75 percent of the app audience, followed by Google Play (51.8 percent), Google Search (49 percent) and YouTube (48.8 percent).

Top 15 Smartphone Apps
March 2014
Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users, Age 18+ (iOS and Android Platforms)
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
  Top 15 Apps % Reach
      Smartphone App Audience 100.0%
1     Facebook (Mobile App) 75.0%
2     Google Play (Mobile App) 51.8%
3     Google Search (Mobile App) 49.0%
4     YouTube (Mobile App) 48.8%
5     Pandora Radio (Mobile App) 45.2%
6     Google Maps (Mobile App) 42.5%
7     Gmail (Mobile App) 42.5%
8     Yahoo Stocks (Mobile App) 30.5%
9     Instagram (Mobile App) 28.1%
10     Yahoo Weather Widget (Mobile App) 27.6%
11     Facebook Messenger (Mobile App) 25.3%
12     Apple Maps (Mobile App) 24.8%
13     iTunes Radio/iCloud (Mobile App) 23.6%
14     Twitter (Mobile App) 21.9%
15     Google+ (Mobile App) 21.3%

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