Introducing Facebook’s Audience Network

Facebook has announced its long-anticipated mobile ad network. Formally called the Facebook Audience Network, it brings the full weight of Facebook’s ad targeting data to third party mobile apps — and becomes an immediate rival to the Google Display Network for mobile.

Get all the power of Facebook advertising in your app. With the Audience Network, you’ll show your audience ads they want to see, from the brands they care about, in the format that’s right for your app. Apply at!

Facebook’s Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS and Android apps with Facebook ads. After integrating our SDK, advertisers can use the over 50 targeting options on Facebook to find their audience inside your app.

Follow this guide to set up the Audience Network in your app:

Currently iOS and Android are supported. There are also a number of available ad formats:

Ads for iOS

Ads for Android

Apply for Beta

You will need to apply for the beta before you begin implementation. We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can about the status of your application.

5 Step Setup Guide

Add our SDK and create your ad placements. Follow this guide to get started.


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