Wrangle Your Site Categories And Product Types With Content Grouping

Google announced the launch of a new feature called Content Grouping to help users analyze performance of product and content categories.

If you’ve been using Advanced Segments to aggregate products or types of content, Google says Content Grouping will be an easier and more helpful way to look at aggregated aggregated data.

Content Grouping allows sites to group their pages through tracking code, a UI-based rules editor, and/or UI-based extraction rules. Once implemented, Content Groupings become a dimension of the content reports and allow users to visualize their data based on each group in addition to the other primary dimensions.

Content Grouping lets you group content into a logical structure that reflects how you think about your site. You can view aggregated metrics by group name, and then drill in to individual URLs, page titles, or screen names.

Watch the below video to learn more:


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