email marketing best practice tips

The growth of mobile has been a game changer for the world of email marketing. 

How can we grow our email marketing list? What’s the best way to improve our email marketing deliverability? How can we make Facebook—or Pinterest—part of our email marketing strategy?

If you’ve wondered about interactive marketing issues like these, you’re not alone! These are real challenges that marketers like you face every day. It is fortunate to work with some of today’s top brands who lead the way in cross-channel marketing. Here, we share a few email marketing best practices that we’ve identified and refined over the past decade.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • No more separate coding. Responsive design means you use one code for all devices. This is added to and tweaked for optimisation on different platforms.
  • Change your content. When and where recipients are affects the way they engage with your email. Factor this into your design. Send them a non-intrusive design during waking hours or a call to action that is simple enough to respond to while on the commute home.
  • Target specific devices. There is no set template for every different laptop, smartphone or tablet. You have to experiment and see what works in terms of rendering, readability and usability across as many platforms as possible to get it right.
  • Analyse your results. Find out what works in terms of open rates and engagement. When are people more likely to open? What kind of people open on what device and where? Use this data to your advantage to create a more targeted campaign next time round.


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Plenty of Econsultancy’s own research and external studies have unearthed some salient points about the changing market. Email still occupies an integral position in customer engagement, and here you can see just how many of your customers are accessing email in different ways, and how many competitors are exercising best practice.

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68% of people use their smartphone for email, 26% for shopping

34% of businesses can’t calculate email marketing ROI: report

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Some of the finest minds flex their brain biceps here, and ask a few broader questions about email, and its evolution.

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