Google Analytics superProxy

The Google Analytics superProxy allows you to publicly share your Google Analytics reporting data. You can use it to power your own custom dashboards and widgets, transform responses to various formats, test, and much more.

The Google Analytics superProxy works with the Core Reporting API, Real Time Reporting API , and Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API.

Google Analytics superProxy Feature Highlights:

  • Publicly share your Google Analytics data.
  • Use the proxy to power your own custom dashboards.
  • Convert to CSV, Data Table, TSV.
  • Relative dates are supported (e.g. last 7 days).
  • Automatically refreshes report data.
  • Caching – fast responses and efficient quota usage.

The Google Analytics superProxy is a web application that runs in the Google App Engine python environment.

Google Analytics superProxy ( is an open source project developed by the Google Analytics Developer Relations team.

Download and Install: To download and learn more about superProxy, visit the google-analytics-super-proxy repo on GitHub.


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