Learn Digital Marketing from Shankar & Raghava

Learn Digital Marketing from Shankar & Raghava

Digital marketing management course is ideal for anyone who like to start/grow up in their career path.You will learn the what, when, who, why and how to’s of a successful web/Digital marketing planning for any type of organization.

At our Marketing Workshops, you get to create a learning program tailored to your unique needs – one that best positions you for success. We will take you through digital campaign case studies from the world’s most prestigious brands to rapidly improve your understanding of new media strategies and online audience behaviors.

Learn to optimize your website for search engines and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Marketing an online presence requires the buy-in from multiple departments

 You can learn about:

  • SEO/ Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM / PPC/ Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video Optimization

For queries, please contact:

Shankar: 9844458368 Website: http://shankarsoma.com/consulting-training-courses/

Raghava: 9632996231: Website: http://digitalchallenger.com/


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