Mobile Video Primetime

One Quarter Of Tablet Video Views Happen In Primetime, CTR On Pre-Roll Ads Higher On Mobile Devices!

Tubemogul, the programmatic video ad buying platform, issued its latest quarterly report on mobile video viewing habits and found tablet users adopting the traditional primetime viewing habits of TV viewers.

During the second quarter of 2013, TubeMogul collected data on mobile in-app pre-roll ads bought programmatically, pinpointing the best days and times for marketers to target viewers.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous they are in every purse or pocket, are seldom left behind when away from home and are usually the best way to contact someone. They are the most personal devices we own. Consumers’ constant connection to their mobile devices offers marketers a unique opportunity to deliver hyper-relevant information based on content, demographics, even  location, in ways not possible on  non-mobile devices.

Mobile Video Primetime

Key Findings

– Primetime is Tablet Time. Tablet viewing peaks in the evening, with primetime hours (8 p.m. to midnight) representing 25.7% of total views. iPad viewing peaks at 10 p.m., slightly later than viewing on Android tablets.

– The Android Phablet Effect. While iPhone viewership tends to decline during primetime, 33.9% of all views on Android phones take place between 8 p.m. and midnight.

– Mobile Video Viewing Peaks Late in the Week. Half (49.0%) of mobile video ads are watched between Thursday and Saturday. Weekends see the highest completion rates.

– Click Through Rates Higher on Mobile than Non-Mobile. Click rates are higher on mobile than non-mobile devices, at 4.9% versus 0.6%.


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