Why I’ll leave your website

What makes people press the back button, shortly after visiting your website? Why do they bail out so quickly? And what can you do about it?

It’s not easy to create a beautiful, brilliant user experience, and the reality is that most sites have issues of one kind or another. But keep an eye open for the following – often avoidable – negative factors and try to eliminate them, to create a stickier website for users.

  1. Autosound.
  2. Popups.
  3. Interstitials.
  4. Pagination.
  5. Slow load times.
  6. Prioritisation of ads vs content.
  7. Woeful navigation.
  8. Poor scent trails.
  9. Key information is AWOL.
  10. Immediate registration demands.
  11. Too much flashing, scrolling shit.
  12. Typos.
  13. Rubbish fonts.
  14. Narrow sites.
  15. Left-aligned sites.
  16. Cookie cutter websites.
  17. Cobwebs
  18. A lack of clarity.
  19. PRspeak / jargon.
  20. Browser issues.
  21. Flash.
  22. No ‘About’ page.
  23. Video-only homepages.
  24. Boring vs unprofessional.
  25. Contrast fail.
  26. Sketchy contact links
  27. Mobile websites with immediate ‘download our app’ messages
  28. HTML5 UX butchery
  29. Cookie warnings that you cannot close
  30. Forced social log ins
  31. Doubling down on the sign up process
  32. Websites that stop the spacebar from working
  33. Pricing options MIA
  34. Password fascists
  35. Mobile sites that don’t allow you to view the desktop site
  36. Sign up to our newsletter messages that appear after one second
  37. Survey pop-ups that appear after one second
  38. Slide galleries
  39. Date dodgers
  40. Websites that disable copy & paste
  41. White space abusers
  42. FAQs with ‘contact us’ for answers
  43. Websites that pause your download when you change tab
  44. Stock images in place of real staff
  45. Websites that have low security standards
  46. Mobile optimised sites with no unsubscribe from email option

There are all kinds of other factors as to why people will leave a website before they’ve really visited it.


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