Celebrating the D-Day Warning Signs

It is a D-Day in everybody life when we look that our teeth was fallen once we were young!  The same things occurs with my Nephew who is just a 2.5 years old i am always very fond of him as he is the only Naughty & the youngest of all where I see my reflections on mine in him.

In evenings we used to always take him for walks on the streets. These incident was just a year ago when we were playing Badminton (I am a BAD Player) in late nights. He (My Nephew) arrived and started to complain that he was having a  problem in mouth, when i clearly look into his mouth there were tiny teeth appearance were shown.


I was very happy to see that it was a time to celebrate the milestone by taking pictures of him running away

When I entered his room in morning the smile of a Toddle Teeth attracted me very much i kept looking at his face. I remembered that the dentist would be the last person that he always wanted to see.

He never took it seriously towards brushing his tiny teeth as i always say that someday he will cry for his tooth fall. I took him to the dentist as soon as possible. He looked at me with a sigh of relief and slurping the Ice Creams & Chocolates during the visit.

I am also teaching him the Importance of brushing teeth at night. Night brushing is one of the best ways to have a cavity-free mouth These healthy habits will make him healthier in the longer run as it is the best gifts you can give to your young ones.

Instead of suffering in later stages i would say ‘Prevention is better can cure’ The story is truly close to my heart

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