Shifts In Google SEO in 2012

The Present year has been a major shifts in Google especially in Search Engine Optimization for 2012 we can Call the Farmer Updates to the new implementation called Disavow Links and more..

The Major one was Panda Update which helped to fight against WebSpam. Other implementations like Penguin had a major role along with Exact Matched Domains.

Google had taken a major step against Pirate Websites on DMCA requests. i liked most is  Google’s new abilities was the announcement that its search spiders can now execute AJAX and JavaScript.

Taking the necessary against the Domain Farming/Parking has provided a lots of relief to the people in the domains industry. The recent update was about the Google News Tag which help a lots of fresh content to showcase themselves

Along with these there are other updates which happend along the past 12 months (November to November 2012) which was a greater aspect of learning for me in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Google had made major snatch for the Original Content Information to getting to the users instead of the scrapped Content sites

TIP: If you don’t measure what you’re doing in search and social media, how do you know if what you’re doing is working?

If I have missed anything for the present year updates do share them in the below mentioned comments


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