Enterprise SEO Lessons

Enterprise SEO is written by search marketers responsible for managing SEO for large scale websites or managing a number of enterprise-level or multiple brand sites under one corporate umbrella.

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science. Enterprise SEO brings a whole new set of challenges on top of usual set of best optimisation practices and one of the most momentous obstacles with large-scale campaigns is the sheer scale of things

Hopefully you find the information valuable!

  • The General Rule of Scalability
  • Strategy & Decision Making
    • Basic Overview
    • Phrase Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Targeting
    • Project Timeline
  • Senior Management: Expectations & Approach
  • Data Gathering: Look Everywhere & Record Everything
  • Rendering Data: Finding Patterns & Opportunities in Large-Scale Data Files
  • Problem Visualisation
  • On-Site Review
    • URL to Phrase Matching
    • Navigational & Canonical Setup
    • Content Analysis
    • Google Webmaster Tools Setup & Configuration
  • Ongoing Activities
    • Implementation of SEO-friendly marketing policies
    • Link building campaign
    • Content development
    • Risk assessment and monitoring
  • Structured Data
  • Authorship

Quality matters, and it matters even more on large sites, because you can repeat the same issues so many times. That drags down your entire site.

  • Don’t Ignore SEO Recommendations
  • Solve CMS Issues
  • Do Your Keyword Research
  • Have a Strong Content Strategy
  • Integrate Social Media With SEO
  • Develop a Consistent Link Acquisition Strategy
  • Create a Solid Analytics Platform that Allows Understanding of User Behavior
  • Always be Testing
  • Integrate Paid & Organic Search
  • Develop a Strong Training and Communication Structure

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