Online Checkouts Checklists

Online Checkouts Checklists

A big holiday season is upon us and an online shopping experience that’s short of smooth is simply unacceptable. Do you really save with discounts? Shop around to find the best deal for the product which you are looking for

Online Checkouts Checklists

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Adopt these user experience best practices.

For those planning to go for Online Shopping Spree it’s a good time to have a Online Checkouts Checklists Here.

  • Progress Bar
  • Information Copying
  • Distractions
  • Error Messages
  • Pricing
  • Free Shipping
  • Estimate the delivery time
  • Check the delivery methods available
  • Checkout process simple should be simple
  • Display the stock status of your items
  • Guarantee/warranty on the order forms.
  • Payment Methods & other different payment options

So are any of these tips currently in your checkout process?


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