We are in Loss

Again the Government Strike may it’s Garbage or the Union Strike its the Public which always suffer

Whenever the Strike occurs the official that they are facing the loss of X number of crore which is a absolutely lie which i am going to prove by a simple calculations which may help other people.

As always whenever there may be hike on any products it always reflect on the common person not the ministry levels or the business minds .

As I have made a rough calculation which i am going to demonstrate below

Lets assume there are 6,000 buses that do around 80,000 trips daily in Bangalore and over 8,000 buses that ferry in Bangalore which goes into the company contracts

1 Bus X 8 Trips per day  A bus as make Approx. Rs.8000 per day by making Rs.1000 per Trip which we can calculate on both the shifts of drivers

Rs. 8000 X 8000 Buses = Rs. 64, 000, 000. This is amount that will be collected only from BMTC per day

Now if we calculate the 64, 000, 000 X 30 Days the amount comes to 1, 920, 000, 000. per month 

Just Think when a Corporation like BMTC is making 1, 920, 000, 000. per month whatwould the other bodies would make like KSTRC, NWKRTC & NEKRTC is making across the State Wide

Just by doing a simple calculations they are reaching the number which is beyond the imagination what would be the numbers if we collect the transportation bodies of Karnataka

This is just the simple calculation but when we make the calculation over the expenditure like  Salaries, Purchases of Buses, Maintenance of Depots &  Machinery etc… The numbers of the input Vs the output will be less

No one/corporation can survive if they are into loss. That is nature law of business

Do lemme know your views about the post which showcases about the Fake loss by the Government bodies


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