Guide to SEO Keyword Research

Guide to SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research, an important facet of search engine optimization and Internet marketing, draws a distinct parallel to traditional market research. Just as successful ad campaigns contain content that appeals to their target demographic, successful websites implement keywords that have the highest relevance and conversion rates.

Unfortunately it’s often hard to tell which is which. Does the latest tactic you’re reading about work? Does it work for all sites? Only some sites? Or is just another crackpot theory that sounds reasonable, but will never help to improve search traffic to your site?

The basics of SEO are actually quite easy to understand and if you give yourself a good foundation in learning search engine optimization you’ll be able to sort fact from fiction much more easily and you’ll have the tools to delve into more advanced SEO concepts.

  • General Approach and Research.
  • Informational queries
  • Navigational queries
  • Transactional queries
  • Find Your Niche
  • Search Volume
  • Evaluate Your Competition
  • User Experience
  • Finding Areas of Opportunity
  • Brainstorming Keywords

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