Turning 30 Plus What Happened?

Tomorrow I will be turning older again I don’t remember the number definitely its not 30 but a digit more that that I am thrilled to enter a new age group. . I finally feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be both personally and professionally. It’s a long and hard to tell that what I learned or earned this years.

Turning 30 Plus What Happened?

I decided to start my Journey as Online Marketer few years back on the same day of my Birthday, which was a major turning point of my career. As I leave behind my 20s, I’m excited. I don’t mind turning 30.

I would always say that its not that what the papers say or show to you it’s always what life teaches you that takes to the frontier line

I am always eager to learn and learn more that the life taught me; that’s the major point where few people take that up while rest goes where the stream takes away. There are few mentors in my life that I appreciate a lot for providing me a moral support in my bad days of my life.

I know that life cycle was not so easy when I revolted against certain things not even my close members supported when I took the decision, which was a turned my life differently which I didn’t expect or even dream of it.

There were dark days of my life were tears rolled down my eyes silently at my younger age for support. It’s like an old book that I would never close it. Which is a memory of my life

Now coming to the present life I still keep on learning new things in my life and share with the people whom I feel that they deserve the best.

Now My confidence levels are always high as I know what I am doing and I don’t get afraid of darkness as I know that there is a light on the other side which I need to walk till I am tired

I have gained good friends and wonderful partner who understands me and always supports me in times of need. I always realize that I have a job to do that god has chosen me to do & move further with lot of motivation and optimistic thoughts that will fall in the place.

When I take back and step in my past I never felt that my journey would be so realistic where as it would be even worse. Now I am stable to stand up on my own feet I don’t cry even If I fail again that’s where every person come from failing to success

It’s a journey where I love to pursue it happily even many people said that don’t look back where was your first step taken, but I always look back at the mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learnt from it.

I don’t know if I’m a worka­holic to labor on my birth­day.

Thank you all for experiencing this journey with me!


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