Negative SEO Myths & Realities Video

Negative SEO Myths & Realities Video

Negative SEO is the reverse of search engine optimisation. The aim of search engine optimisation is to increase a site’s visibility in the SERPs. With Negative SEO, the aim of the procedure is to reduce a page’s rankings in the search results.

Why use negative SEO?

  1. To downgrade your competitor’s sites
  2. To bury bad news about yourself or your company
  3. Targeted Negative SEO (TNS) attack on the website

How is negative SEO done?

  1. Remove the offending content
  2. Promote non offending content – “Insulation”
  3. Google Bowling
  4. Infect their site with Virus or Malware
  5. False duplicated content
  6. Black social bookmarking

Defending yourself against Negative SEO

  1. Make sure you check bing webmaster tools and google webmaster tools regularly – also make sure that your email address is set up correctly so you can react to notification emails promptly.
  2. If you are hit by a virus or malware, get your website back online as soon as possible, the longer you leave it, the worse it will be.
  3. Remove any potentially damaging material from your website and social media. Fix any pages that might have bad links on them, eg in facebook comments from bogus accounts
  4. If its a DOS attack, inform your ISP or webhost as they can usually do something to mitigate the damage
  5. Disavow bad backlinks – Bing webmaster tools now allow you to report any backlinks from spammy sources. Google does not yet have this feature, but hopefully it should be coming soon.
  6. Use reconsideration requests if you have been penalised. These take a little while to get dealt with but is much faster than just letting google figure it out on it’s own.
  7. Try to identify the source. – sometimes offence is the best defence and if you can prove that a competitor is damaging your websites revenue, you may have grounds to sue

Rand did a Whiteboard Friday post on Negative SEO as well which i am sharing with you people which i feel its a wonderful topic i cant miss to share this

There are Five easy Steps to watch your Negative SEO

  1. Always keep track of the Webmaster eMails may be Weekly or Monthly would do good
  2. Get the Alerts try to get the alerts from the Search Engines related to your domain Name
  3. Check the Analytics carefully may the Increase in the Traffic or the decrease
  4. Keep your site updated may be the usability or other content updated which is easier for the user to get to your site
  5. Track Back Your links by checking teh 3rd Party Tools like OpenSiteExplorer, Majestic SEO, which connect to your Root Domain
  6. Track the New Domains track the list of new domains which are referring traffic and their inner pages which anchor text does the traffic connects to.

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