Entrance Metric from Google Analytics Pages

Entrance Metric from Google Analytics Pages

A new metric appeared on the pages report on Google Analytics recently called Entrance Metric It shows the number of times a page was viewed, how long (in average) visitors stayed on the page,

This metric tells us how many of the visits to a specific page were also the first page seen in the session.

Entrance Metric from Google Analytics Pages

Google Analytics now includes an Entrance tab in the All Pages reports, which shows marketers how often a page was the first viewed by a visitor on a website.

The metric builds on current data in the report, including a page’s overall views, unique views, bounce rate, time on page and exit rate. This will help administrators determine which pages are most successful at drawing traffic to their site.

Entrance Metric Definition from Google Analytics

This metric identifies the number of entrances to your site. It will always be equal to the number of visits when applied over your entire website. Thus, this metric is most useful when combined with particular content pages, at which point, it will indicate the number of times a particular page served as an entrance to your site.

Now the Google Analytics Reports can be exported to PDF and even Alerts also can be created

The PDF export will respect your interactions within the flow. If you highlighted a connection, or changed the dimension, the exporter will print those out as well in color.

This feature can be found in all Flow Viz reports, including the Visitors FlowGoal Flow, and Events Flow. You can go to your favorite Flow Viz reports and check it out now.


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