Image Optimization for Search Engines

Image Optimization for Search Engines – Image SEO

Image Optimization Tools for your images is one of the many on-page SEO steps that you need to undertake. Optimizing your images is an important SEO step, it is in fact connected to other SEO factors such as bounce rate, site speed and others.

Image Optimization for Search Engines

  • SEO Friendly Images WP Plugin by no less than Vladimir Prelovac.
  • Udinra All Image Sitemap WP Plugin creates sitemap.xml file for your images.
  • DynamicDrive a web image optimizer that compresses and converts your images to render it for suitable for online use. This is one of my favorite tools, perfect when optimizing single or few images.
  • ImageOptimizer is another web image optimizer that treats your images per upload. There is also a desktop version.
  • Shrink O Matic is one of my most favorite tools. It runs on Adobe Air and can help you optimize images in bulk by a simple gesture of drag and drop. I personally used it to optimize thousands of images for a recent project.
  • FeedtheBot tool checks Alt Texts, Titles and Dimensions for you automatically.

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