Bing May Day Search Updates

Bing May Day Search Updates

Bing update was published earlier today and, rather than sharing surface-level information about dozens of changes like Google does, Bing has chosen to go fairly in-depth on three changes along with the corrections

The Bing defect reduction efforts in this class of queries focused on three main areas:

  1. The first was correctly identifying the URLs that Bing can correct. By identifying the troublesome URLs, we avoid problems such as including spam results like
  2.  The second effort involved expanding our ability to model the types of errors that users make based on how people are using Bing. By recognizing patterns in billions of logs, we are able to fix common spelling errors in URLs
  3.  The third effort was analyzed billions of sessions to find patterns so that users looking for sites like “” would eventually end up on the intended site “”.

The major Improvements in the Bing Search Updates: Domain Cleanup, Recourse Links and Related Searches

  1.  Removing Superfluous Recourse Links
  2.  Improved Related Searches
  3.  Improved URL Handling

Hope there will be other roll out where the users can make a great experience from the Bing search results

The above-mentioned post has been referred from directly Bing Community


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