MayDay Changes of Search Industry Highlights

Google monthly updates for May has been less 39 when compared to the previous month April 50 updates

Well I would always look into the items, which are closely related to one, other like Inorganic Backlinks & Penguin Improvements

Below mentioned snippets shared from Google. 

Better application of inorganic backlinks signals. [Launch codename “improv-fix”, project codename “Page Quality”] We have algorithms in place designed to detect a variety of link schemes, a common spam technique. This change ensures we’re using those signals appropriately in the rest of our ranking.

Improvements to Penguin. [Launch codename “twref2”, project codename “Page Quality”] This month we rolled out a couple minor tweaks to improve signals and refresh the data used by the penguin algorithm.

The Below mentioned changes are the main things which I preferably feel most importance for Integrated Digital Marketing Person. Here is the list of Google May Updates for 2012 of Search Industry

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