Tips for Google Penguin Recovery

Here are pretty Tips for Google Penguin Recovery

  1. Ping blogs that were originally highlighted by USER
  2. Submit Website to the Penguin review form, twice, specifically referencing this article that was being beaten out by the links that referenced it
  3. USE campaign data to implement some canonical URLs to clean up crawl errors and also kill some unnecessary links across the site
  4. DO a bit of “SEO cleanup” that revealed your website sitemaps did not exist and/or were broken. Implemented sitemaps and submitted the feeds to Webmaster Tools, which was not happening previously
  5. Cleanup up many duplicate title, Pages, Content and other issues which are reported by Webmaster Tools
  6. Continue to build natural links to the site and promote other positive signals such as referring traffic and social shares
  7. Never the removal of credit from links/Users for the Content or the Website where the source was taken

Previously Google rolled out an update with a function being penalize sites who

  1. Engage in Keyword Stuffing
  2. Link Scheme Participation
  3. Low Quality Issues
  4. and many more

So, what can you do if you’ve been affected? And what are we gonna do?

Here is the Video where Rand Fishkin explain how Penguin has worked, and what folk might be able to do.

And who knows if you’re gonna be the victim, or what you could possibly do about it.


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