Lets start about the basics of search engine works & its major component called the bots, robot or spider, which is a software that collects information about the website or any portal which is online and brings it back to analyze by major search engines.

This particular activity is referred as streaming, crawling or spidering. There are different types of ways how robots work, lets take an ANTS as a best sample. Think search engine robots as a worker ants which collects information, they leave the colony with one thought in its mind (find food). Well in this case lets refer the food is HTML Data or text, preferably similar or lots of it, and to find it the ant needs to travel an easy, obstacle and other paths like HTML Links.



Traveling these paths, the ants aka robot with a single minded, carries the food (data) to its colony and stores in its anthill, which we call it as a database center. Like this there are millions of little ants exploring & collecting the data all over the Internet.

If a path is blocked or absent the ant stops and moves to somewhere else, Is there is no food/data its returns back with the empty. When we think of search engine, consider it and database, which holds the minutes of data that have been gathered from billions of websites all over the web.

When a Lehman or a surfer enters any term<puberty in boys> into the search engine, all the sites which is might be relevant for that term are bought to forefront. Search engines shifts through is database for sites containing terms like <puberty>, <boys puberty>, and <puberty in boys>. It uses the algorithm to sort the results in fraction of a second, a list of relevant sites & many that contains the exact phrase <puberty in boys> or the links from other sites which contain that phrase will be returned in results page.

Like this there are lots of things factors in the way, which search engines determine to their search results. In order to ranking you need to provide a HTML text for search engines to feed and the Links as clear paths for food/data. Keeping the ways always clearly for robots well fed and happy is your biggest priorities.

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