Video Optimization Practices

We have spoken lot about Search Engine Optimization in the past, and even a little bit about Social Media Optimization, optimizing your social media presence. My list of popular social media websites include sites like YouTube and MetaCafe. When submitting your video to these online video sites, did you know that you can optimize those videos so that they are bound to get more views? We all want our videos to get more views, right? Well, let’s talk a bit about video optimization and optimizing your videos for the online video sites.

Well here is a bunch of great tips that are still relevant today, including:

  • Your video clips are relevant and informative.
  • Cacthy Title for your Video.
  • Apply Video as a Portal to other Content on Your Site.
  • Optimize your video with significant Key Phrases.
  • Add Transcripts of your Videos.
  • Extend your Video by allowing embedding for others.

You might also want to check out the Video Optimization Tips that include more tips about optimizing your video and even how to publicize your video.

Recently, we have noticed that is a great place to add your video, if you put your keywords in the title of your video there’s a good chance that it will rank well in Google. Whenever uploading a video, try to pay attention to tagging the video properly with the appropriate anchor text, title the video with anchor text and make sure you add your website’s URL to your profile page.

Well check The Ultimate Online Video List

Please feel free to add any sites in the comments. You can bookmark {CTRL+D} this page and come back at any point of time to view more sites.


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