Love Story Part 3

The night had begun and the floor had started getting empty. Parul didn’t know what was in store for her this time. She thought of dropping a mail to Rahul; maybe if she could know the reason why he was still trapped in this world she could save herself. She could be alive.

Hi Rahul,What is it that you are still trapped in this world?Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s reply

I love this place. This is the place where I use to spent most of my time after joining the office.This computer is my best friend as it never asks me questions.The keyboard never cries in the whole day even if it is hurt because of the way I press the keys.

Also after office hours I could do anything. No one to disturb me for doing anything.

On google I could learn something new about the technology and implement it in my code.

It gave me immense pleasure for trying something new, something different. This place gave me peace.

Doesn’t it give you also peace?

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul’s Reply

You never wanted to have fun in real life? Enjoy with real people?A real person who could be your mom who cared for you.Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s Reply

There is nothing real. There are no real people. Everyone is mean and greedy.Everyone wants just one thing to be on the top.They really don’t care about other people. They just wear a mask and behind this mask there is a very ugly face.

No one will come to help when one is in trouble.

If one is not smart these people can easily take the credit of his/her work on themselves.

My mom also wanted one thing from the beginning that I give my best in whatever I do.

The only thing that made her happy was that I was doing well where ever I was.

And you expect that with these people I could have fun?

Rahul Mehra

Parul’s Reply

My parents are not greedy. I have friends who are not greedy.Even for your mom your life mattered more than your achievement.Maybe she had expectations from you like every parent has from their kid. But she never wanted that you die because of her expectations.

We need to learn how to have a balance in life. This place gives us an opportunity to have some fun in office.

Whenever Rohan approached me for some fun activity I said a NO but now I regret it. I should have done some of the things.

I always thought I had a lot of time and I could try these things later. Never realized that death is not in my hands.

After you have come in my life I have realized the importance of people in my life. Realized the importance of my life as a whole.

I know my emotions are not going to change what you have decided. You will still kill me.

So what do you plan to do after I die?

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul was angry with Parul’s reply. Parul’s monitor had started blinking in anger. Parul was pushed back along with her chair with a great speed. Her back was hit badly by the back rest of the chair. She felt like someone had held her hands tightly to the arms of the chair. The pain which she was having was unbearable. She gave a loud shout in pain. Then with her chair she was dragged close to her monitor. Rahul’s mail popped up on her machine.

I have been seeing that you are getting close to Rohan these day.
If you don’t stop talking about him your death will happen today itself.Now suddenly you feel that you want to have fun with real people. Spend time with real people.You are also selfish and greedy like others.

You are working late nights because of your personal reasons.

But don’t worry after your death you will not get a chance to be selfish.

You will also be trapped like me in this place forever.

Waiting for your death.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul’s reply

You miss your mom a lot isn’t it. Even I love my parents a lot.I am not selfish. Its just that the work culture is like that.I come to office by 9 or 10 and from 11 there is a call from onsite.

Sometimes this call extends into the lunch hour and I have to miss my lunch.

The work is mostly assigned after lunch time so I start working in the second half.

My mind responds slowly because the freshness of morning is not there.

The same task which I could do in 3 hours in the morning takes me 4-5 hours in the evening.

Late in the evening again I have to call by 8 or 9 and give an update on the work.

By then some more task is assigned to my queue.

I cant leave the work assigned to me like that and so I sit back to finish it.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s reply

But have you raised a concern over the work culture. No right so it means you are fine with it.You have no problems in anyway and you are ready to punish your body.With this kind of stressful life anyways you would have died someday.

So now stop thinking about your death because your parents were anyways going to miss you.

Also those real people with whom you had fun are going to miss you.

I hope this is now clear to you. You can leave now.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul took the lift. She had never thought her job could be a problem to someone and it could become a reason for her death. She thought was she really selfish? What was it that she never tried to change the working culture? Why couldn’t she ask onsite to assign her task through mails and she could give status update through mail. Why she never asked onsite to assign her task by 8:30 AM because that was the offshore time. Why did she waste her time on calls? She thought shouldn’t people at onsite be good enough at writing skills so that everything was clear in mails. By then she realized the lift was not moving. She pressed the button again but the lift didn’t move. She picked up the extn inside the lift but it was not working. She started hitting the lift door in a hope that someone would hear and come to help her come out of it. Finally it started working and she was at the ground floor. Before anything new happened with her she just ran out of the office. Her life was getting scary.

It was 12 AM and suddenly there was thunder and lightning. It started raining. She doesn’t know how come suddenly I started raining. There were no umbrellas in any building. She was drenched in rain. She sat in the cab but she was shivering; she was feeling cold in the wet clothes. She was finally home but she knew this was her last day. She was going to die; her death day had come. She thought that if she didn’t go to office and stayed in a temple; prayed for her life she could survive. So next whole day and night she was in the temple; praying to god for her life. She kept saying sorry for the mistakes she had done in her life. The day was over and the night had come; the time for which she was waiting to know whether she will survive or she will die.

Thankfully the day was over and she was alive. But will this help her the next day also. To find that she had to go to the office. She came to office and switched on her monitor. A mail from Rahul was there.

I wanted to be the first one to wish you and hope my wishes reached you through the thunder and lightning.Since you have realized the value of your life, I will spare your life. But remember you will have to take care of this life or else you will surely die.All those people who for who don’t care for their health I give them a chance to improve and if they don’t then I take away their life.

I still love you and I will surely wait for your death.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

She mailed Rahul for saving her life but the mail bounced back and this gave an assurance to her that she was alive. Parul was happy and excited yes it was over and she was alive. She was thankful to God for saving her life. She could never imagine that a ghost had fallen in love with her and she was about to die. She pinched herself to make herself believe that she was alive. Her mind was working and she could hear her heartbeat. She could feel her breath. She also invited Rohan and her project team for a party. Everyone thought it was a party for her birthday but only Rohan and she only knew the actual reason.

The reason was having a life; having a life gifted by a ghost to her. She made a promise to herself that she will not sit late nights in the office. Also she made a promise that she wont be coming to office on weekends. The party was great and everyone enjoyed a lot with music, dance and good food. Even Parul danced on the floor and everyone complimented her saying that she is a great dancer. Parul was happy, excited and crazy. Rohan could sense her excitement; maybe he could not understand how it feels escaping death but he was happy that Parul was alive.

After one year, Parul’s lifestyle has changed. Now she doesn’t sit late nights in office. She has got a life where she spends time with her friends. Infact she has found a love of her life and she is going to get engaged to him soon. She is taking 15 days of break from office and going home for her engagement.

Her fiancée is a nice guy. She met him also through chats and emails. She found him very interesting but she could never forget Rahul. She could never forget the mails sent by Rahul. When Swapnil came in her life she was not sure whether she should marry him or not. She just asked Swapnil to talk to her parents when he proposed her and he did so. He went to her house and had a formal interview with her parents after which her parents gave a go ahead for the relation. Parul had not said anything about the mails she used to get from a ghost, Rahul Mehra, to Swapnil. But now she had decided that he has to marry her then she will have to tell this story to him. This story which she had not even told to her parents; her parents didn’t knew about such a ghost who was about to take away their daughter’s life; but Swapnil was her life partner and even if she sounded crazy she didn’t want to hide it from him. Maybe he would laugh after hearing her story but then if his love was true he will have to believe her.

The engagement was over and Parul was very happy, then she remembered that even Rahul was from the same place from where she came. Few more days of her vacation were left and so she thought of meeting Rahul’s mom.

She went to Rahul’s house and met his mom. His mom had converted the house into an orphanage where around 20 kids were there. She was taking care of those kids. Parul was happy to see that Rahul’s mom had found a way to survive in life.

Parul: “Namaste aunty. Are you Rahul Mehra’s mother?”

Aunty: “Yes beta but he is dead now.”

Parul: “I know that. I had just come to meet you and see you.”

Aunty offered her some tea and snacks. She said that the day she heard the news of Rahul’s death she was almost dead but then she had to face the reality. Rahul had a dream to open an orphanage and help orphan kids. Then she said to herself that she will fulfill her son’s dream and so now she was helping the orphan kids. Parul spend around 2 hours at that place and had a good time with the kids. Rahul’s mother was happy to meet Parul and she said that if Rahul was alive then she would have asked him to marry Parul. Parul didn’t know how to react and she just smiled at what aunty had said. Finally Parul left aunty and the kids.

Parul was really happy after meeting Rahul’s mom. After meeting Rahul’s mom don’t know why but Parul thought of dropping a mail to Rahul; just to share that she had taken his advice and met his mom who has found a way to lead life till she is alive.

Hi RahulYou would be happy to know that I have changed my lifestyle and now I don’t stay late in the office.I met your mom and she has opened an orphanage.

She is very happy with her life though she misses you a lot.

I got engaged and I will be getting married in 6 months.

Thanks for coming into my life and making me realize the value of it.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Before clicking on the send button she started thinking whether her mail will be sent to Rahul or not. She wanted to know whether Rahul still existed in her life. Finally she clicked on the send button and her mail was delivered to Rahul Mehra.

Suddenly Parul heard her mom crying and calling out her name. Parul looked at her mom and said I am standing in front of you, what happened tell me? Parul felt as if her mother was not able to hear her. Then her father came near to her mother and wrapped her mother in his arm.

Parul’s Dad: “Stop crying Madhu. Please stop crying. Parul is dead and she wont like to see tears in your eyes. Madhu for her sake try not to cry.”

Parul’s Mom: “My daughter she is gone. How could she die? Why did this happen to our family?”

Parul was not able to understand how can she be dead but then she saw her dead body lying on the floor with garlands put over it. Swapnil was also standing next to her dead body and then she heard Rahul’s voice.

Rahul: “Parul, one mistake and you are dead. I had spared your life but who had asked you to talk on mobile phone while walking on road. Now look at your dead body; it still looks so beautiful. You look so beautiful. Come hold my hand and lets be together forever and ever.”

Parul was also dead and had become a ghost like Rahul. It is true that Parul met Rahul’s mom and she was engaged to Swapnil. But while she was returning back to home from Rahul’s place she was hit by a car coming in speed. She was talking on her mobile phone and telling Swapnil about her meeting with Rahul’s mom when the car came and hit her. That day was her birthday and one careless mistake had taken away her life. Blood flowing out of her body profusely and there was no one to help her. By the time help arrived she was already dead. Swapnil could never come to know about the ghost Rahul Mehra who had fallen in love with her and who wanted to take her life so that they could be together.

Maybe death was destined to happen to Parul and Rahul was just a medium to convey her this message. Her dead body was lying on the ground; everyone was sad but Rahul was happy. After all finally Rahul could be with Parul.

Some stories have ghost in it…. The end.

Source: Richa Ritwika


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