WordPress Search Plugins

5 WordPress Search plugins

1. Enhanced Search Box

This plugin adds adds un-obtrusive Javascript functionality to the basic search box and is built using jQuery and includes jQuery 1.3.2 from the Google AJAX Libraries API. The plugin allows control over the default search box text from the WordPress Admin and it clears the default search text when the search box is focused.

Get Enhanced Search Box

2. Live Search Popup

This plugin adds live search with an Ajax popup to the default search box. It can be used as a widget or directly as a PHP call in the theme.

Get Live Search

3. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave’s WordPress Live Search adds “live search” functionality to your WordPress site. As visitors type words into your WordPress site’s search box, the plugin continually queries WordPress, looking for search results that match what the user has typed so far. This plugin is compatible with the xLanguage plugin for internationalization (i18n) of search results.

Get Dave’s WordPress Live Search

4. Google Ajax Search

This Google Ajax Search plugin adds a Google AJAX Search box on your site. The plugin options include searching your site through Google Blog Search and/or straight up Google, a second search. You will need an API key from Google Ajax search first.

Get  Google Ajax Search

5. ThreeWP Ajax Search

ThreeWP Ajax Search enables ajax searches for content. ThreeWP Ajax Search is another good plugin to add ajax autocomplete or suggestive search to your wordpress blog or site. This plugin works right out of the box be can be customized using options, CSS and jQuery customizations.

Get ThreeWP Ajax Search


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