The Search Marketing Conference

First time in India, Great Minds from across the world come together to network, learn, and share their knowledge and expertise on 2-3 Feb in Search Marketing Summit India in Bangalore.

International search marketing leaders will share advanced tips and advice on the full spectrum of search marketing strategies, including Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Universal Search, Analytics, Paid Search Marketing and much more

The below conference website will provide a full record of the conference with the keynote presentations available here;

Get Search Smart from experts like Gillian Muessig, Ian McAnerin, John Barron, Eric Weaver, Khiruba Shankar, and several other well known National speakers and panelists.

This exciting India’s biggest event is being hosted in Aid of the Akshaya Patra foundation, which is the largest NGO-run School meal program in the world, and organized by the Online Marketing Enthusiast community. The NGO is based in Bangalore and feeds more than 1.2 million underprivileged children in 8 states and 18 locations in India.

For registrations and further information, please visit the official website of SMS India 2011 at:

Persons who will be benefited by this conference:(Like Level Wise)

Marketing Team:
Marketing Manager/Director, Supervisor, Creative Director, E-Commerce Manager, Brand Manager,
Director, Business Analytics, Media Buyer, Media Planner, SEO Specialist/Consultant, PPC Analyst, Junior Account Manager, Associate/Assistant

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Executive Officer/President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Managing Director (MD), Senior Vice President (SVP), Vice President (VP),

Executive Director, IT, Webmaster, Web Developer, Web Designer, IT Project Manager,



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