Fail of Google Analytics #GoogleFail

Most online marketers are pleased with the services of Google Analytics. The service is attractive because it is entirely free, and the interface is pretty easy to learn and use. However, seasoned online marketers prefer to use paid services for their tracking and reports or a mix of different analytical tools.

This is the 1st time I am looking that the Google Analytics has failed to show the data for all of the clients on 2nd November 2010, even there is no Update from the Google Analytics Team or the Blog about it which makes Google Analytics over estimated.

The recent updates running in Google is annoying the Search Visitors. Here is the snapshot of the Visits where Google shows as ZERO.

Google Analytics #GoogleFail

This has annoyed the Google Analytics users and they are showing the #GoogleFail in Twitter

Anyone else having issues with November 2nd stats in Google Analytics? I think that @googleanalytics team is sleeping & they are not caring about the updates.

It’s Time now that Google Analytics to wake up to Detect a push failure when offline. Even where there is a Upgrade/ maintenance they will inform in early in their blog. WHY NOT GOOGLE ANALYTICS DOES THAT

Google Analytics isn’t a completely useless tool. However, it is not an all-in-one tool that your profits can completely depend on. It is wise to learn more about other tracking and analytical tools and determine which reports are integral for the success of your online campaigns and invest accordingly.


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