Google AdWords Keyword Tool Study

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool This tool does is give you a laundry list of keywords that Google believes are relevant to whatever keyword or phrase you entered into the tool. Why do these keywords matter?

Good search engine rankings in Google and/or getting a good (and cheap) position in Adwords we better pay attention to what the Google Adwords Keyword Tool has to say. If you are using this tool for PPC purposes there is nothing really all that complicated about it. Just enter in the primary keyword you are interested in targeting and the tool will spit out a bunch of keywords that are related to it. These are going to be the keywords that you revolve your campaigns around.

If you are starting completely from scratch, it also offers a “Category” feature that will show you the top searches in areas including Apparel, Beauty & Personal Care, Computers, Consumer Electronics, and more.

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool Search-based keyword tool will be discontinued soon

The Search-based Keyword Tool provides keyword ideas:

  • Based on actual Google search queries
  • Matched to specific pages of your website with your ad and search share

You can still use this keyword tool even if you are external to AdWords and not an advertiser; it will still offer potential keywords and phrases based on your input, but it won’t offer them based on your site in specific.



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