My Purpose to #ISS2010

Alas am on board iss2010 thanks to OMEBang members who made the most. I have learnt more in my life as digital marketer OMEBang plays a major part of it by taking it to the next level. I would like to say more about the core members of my gang of bang who are the supports for full extinct. Especially for few people who boast their knowledge without expecting anything in return.

There are several ways where people make only money where as OMEBang members is the one till now which is spending free without expecting anything in return. Now time to take rest will carry on later as I am writing in midnight that too on train where all are sleeping other than my pals as I don’t want to disturb them as well.   The first day of iss2010 gone very well learnt new aspects of digital marketing.

Suresh (seobangalore) started presentation… This was gone well. The main attractive of the event was Raghavendra Satish (Raghavasatish) who steals the show he was the only person I most admired of rather than SEOMom on the second day. I would just thank the ISS2010 team for making more successful. The positive factor was meeting people like Kiruba, Ashwin,  Sanjay, KapilNakra, Sanjay Agarwal and others along with Google’s employees with exgoogle person Jayashreer which was a good interaction. The most major thing I forgot to inform that after Raghava presentation. He was a celebrity type where everybody was attracted to him after he spoke about the LYPGSM for the website in marketing industry. The presentation of Raghava will be posted online as he comes to Bangalore. Second day was good but not as the yesterday and SEOMom presentation thrown the lights to the new sector of mobile as well as social media.

I personally spoke to few persons of Google about the negative reviews which they informed to look into… I had a wish to take part in the speakers List. Maybe next time let me will consider this with help of my friends who support always. Yeah Kiruba also good the way he spoke in various style and the way he presented on stage by showing example by dipping his hand in a bucket for business blogging. I wished to do live streaming for Kiruba also unfortunately my cell ran out of power. Most of the speaker persons didn’t make up due to various reasons I wished to speak Amish who was my friend in old times even he didn’t as he missed the flight. I have done live streaming of few videos which I will be posting ASAP.

Even after the events all our OMEBang gang who attended iss2010 spoke to Ranjan and Meena along with Shiv about the events in late nights. Thanks to those guys who listened calmly as it was midnight where we disturbed the sleep. We Missed Chaitanya, Ranjan, BabaSEO, PraveenRavi, SarathKS, Pavan and Meena a lot and we discussed how good it would have been if they were all with us in the event.

This one I am writing while I am travelling back to Bangalore by bus. Now it’s 2.00 am and am noting down the few details of the event where we attended along with others where we shared our knowledge and gained more. Jaya TV had come to interview Raghava where he spoke about the members of OMEBang and ISS2010. And it will be telecasted in a week. So saying bye for now I need a quick nap as I need to go to office and have a clients meetings where I should move..

I would love to say that ISS2010 gave us big opportunity to gain more knowledge about Marketing Industry in various points of view.


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