Enthusiast in Bangalore for Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising and Analytics

Online Marketing Enthusiast Bangalore (OMEBang) a group of young professionals come together every month and educates small businesses in and around Bangalore. OMEBang has educated several businesses and more than 200 employees, entrepreneurs through its monthly meet up initiative. The workshops and seminars are free of cost and this August 21st, will be their fifth monthly event.

Online marketing enthusiasts Bangalore (OMEBang) is pleased to announce its fifth monthly workshop on All about Face book for businesses in Bangalore. OMEBang offers seminars, workshops and educational materials to for small businesses, employees, employers. Start ups and for anyone who like to learn how to market their business online.

OMEBang is dedicating to providing and promoting online marketing education classes to all businesses. We are thrilled that we are reaching a record number of attendees who come to monthly meet ups.

Last month’s workshop was about Digital Media Analytics, Chaitanya from HP was one of the presenters in OMEBang. Attendees for these events include marketers, VP’s, CEO’s, marketing specialist, entrepreneurs, marketing managers/Directors, creative directors, E-Commerce manager, brand managers from companies like HP, Wiley Publications, Mondera, Vayama, TRX, Credirity, IMB, Sonata, Catalyst Labs and more. Preetam Venkky aka IdeasMaverick a well known Social Media Expert will be presenting in this month’s event.

Some of the feedback from the past attendees includes:

  • “ We like the informal presentation and interaction “
  • “Really helpful to gain knowledge and to build relationships “
  • “The amazing attendance from so many companies and knowledge sharing”
  • “This is knowledge capital “
  • “ Liked the fact that even fundamentals are explained there are others who may not understand”
  • “ Focusing on the fact that it’s a community and everyone chips in and shares insight/knowledge”
  • “ Liked the content, knowledge and presentation”

Pictures, Videos and presentations can be found here: http://searchenginedetails.com

The event is organized by a group of young passionate online marketers whose aim is to build an online marketing community, help participants network and share insights on how businesses are using SEO, PPC, real time search results such as Twitter, Four Square, and Social media in their respective industries and the latest happenings in the web marketing world.

This month’s session to be held on August 21, 2010 between 4pm to 7pm at the BluePetal Hotel in Koramangala. This event is free of cost and is expecting more than 100 attendees around the city. There are also a few slots for start ups and small business owners/managers to participate in this event and be a part of the discussion

Please visit: http://omebang.eventbrite.com to know more about this event or visit the Online Marketing Enthusiast LinkedIn Group:


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