The five charts essential to have all reference SEO

In the process of SEO There are many different activities related to marketing, content and technical aspects a site that always come very handy reference documents not only learn, but in the day to validate the performance of these tasks (or send the customer to require sources! ).

Below are five graphs and flow charts SEO to be a useful reference in the optimization process :

1. The Pyramid of the SEO Basics

Excellent chart published by SEOmoz which shows the fundamental aspects that are part of SEO process : Access and Quality Content, Survey and focus Keywords, Creating Links and “Social“.

Piramides Bases SEO

Download the chart here and I invite you to see the interesting video posted on SEOmoz beside him .

2. The most common SEO Questions – A Guide

A series of computer graphics showing different phases, activities and reference information from a SEO process : Study Keywords, Optimization of a page, Creating Links, SEO Tactics, linkbaiting and Social Marketing , and even a graph of vs. SEO . PPC created and published in Datadial.

SEO Infographic

Check out this series of graphs and download it here.

3. Help leaf SEO Web Developer

This is an indispensable aid sheet as a reference since it includes the more technical aspects related to the code of the Web , such as, optimization title tags and header, imagery, links, Funnels, canonicalization, Etc.

Hoja de Ayuda SEO para el Desarrollador Web

You can see in more detail the various aspects that are included in the leaf and aid download it from here.

4. Flow Diagram for a great SEO SEO

Although the language “somewhat “strong flow chart created by Create Market Profit takes us through the various activities of analysis and optimization to be done in a SEO Process.

Diagrama de Flujo SEO

You can access it from here.

5. How to manage a penalty from Google

This flowchart published by SEOmoz is a reference to always take into account, and guide you should you suffer a penalty by Google , because even if you do things right , following the activities in the SEO process raised in the previous graphs there is a risk :

Penalizacion Google

Read more about Google penalties and Download the chart here.

Bonus : 5 Ways to improve the tracking , indexing and positioningArquitectura web - Seo - indexacion - rastreo - posicionamiento

In this graph, Which is part of an interesting article from SEOmoz about optimizing site architecture with a view to improving its indexing and positioning are five ways to do it .Download the graphic from this article.

Now you can wallpaper your desktop :) What other diagrams or graphics will serve as a reference in your daily activities such as SEO?

The five charts essential to have all reference SEO


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