OMEBang Presentation

last week i had been to #OMEBang event second as i am related to the online industry where i came to learn new things about the tackling the negative reviews with social media which can be effective in Search Engines and later the presentation was started by MR.Suresh from Vayama in which new people from sonata and other companies learned a lot…

Now the presentation turned to Social Media which was handled by Preetham Venkky which as a hot topic and new things turned out as presentation as started in Social Media topic after completing the presentation we headed to Cuppa restaurant where we had chat for a while on social media and other happenings by Preetham Venkky joined by @brandbull and @seobangalore after bidding adieu to others our small team headed to Lemon Grass where we had a topic on PODCASTING by suresh accompanied by Shyam S with other guy which was a most interesting one i learn from pod casting in suresh was providing the information

I am posting the pics of the #OMEBang event which was a successful of all the invitees came over especially thanks to Crederity who provided their office space to use for the event and others like @seobangalore, @shivseo, @brandbull, @IdeasMaverick @praveenravi and others who were present at the events….


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