Windows Live To Add More Social Network Partners

Microsoft’s social networking strategy around Windows Live gets a little more meat on the bone today. In November they announced a new strategy that brings in activity streams, FriendFeed/Plaxo style, into a Windows Live home page. The goal is to give users a view of what their friends are up to on various social networks around the Internet. A list of the current partners is in the image below.

Today Microsoft will announce a number of new data partners, including Facebook, Digg,, SmugMug, TypePad and Yandex. This is, apparently, the first time Facebook feeds can be pulled into a third party service (we talked about this last month). The full list of new partners is below.

Also, Microsoft has made some headway on their Contact Interchange product that pulls in friend data from various social networks (we questioned whether it violated the Facebook terms of use last year). Today Microsoft will announce the addition of MySpace, Hi5 and Tagged to the product, joining Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a two way relationship that allows users to pull their Windows Live contacts into those services as well.

The full list of new partners:

  • MSN: Microsoft Network
  • Arto (Freeway): Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Dada: Italy
  • Dailymotion: France
  • Digg: USA
  • FaceBook: USA
  • Fotolog: France
  • Hevre: Italy
  • Hyves: Netherlands
  • UK
  • Live Journal: Russia
  • MClub (GMedia): China
  • Metroflog: Argentina
  • Overblog: France
  • SmugMug: USA
  • TypePad (SixApart): USA
  • Yandex: Russia
  • Greece

Current Partners:

More screenshots:


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