Corsair’s new 256GB SSD could give Intel a run for its money

big_corsair-256gb-ssd-1Intel has been the go-to guy for SSDs these days. While others are trying to bring the cost down or kick up the performance so high it costs a couple thou, Intel has been the one filling storage space in high-performance servers due to the drives’ reliability and high speed. But lovable memory maker Corsair is pushing out some drives that may hit Intel below the belt.

These brand new 256GB SSDs are yet to be fully tested, but a quick eval shows extremely promising results. In fact, the Intel drives get punished in write and burst speed, although read speed is comparable. Now, they’re likely to be more expensive, so it’s not a total KO or anything, but if you’re putting together an SSD-based server or workstation, you might want to wait for the results on this one to come back before you place your order.

Keep in mind that the name will be P256 instead of S256 when they go to production.


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