SanDisk launches button backup flash drive in India

DATA GALORE: The SanDisk Ultra Backup drive includes a five-year limited warranty. Pricing hasn

Initially showcased at CES 09, the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB has capacities up to 64 GB.

Designed to protect a computer users’ photos, music, videos, personal and business documents, and other types of digital files, with the touch of a button without the need for any software installation, the drive protects onboard digital content with a dual layer of security, including password-protected access control and ultra-secure AES hardware-based encryption.

“Consumers are taking more pictures, listening to more music, taking and watching more videos and collecting more personal data. As their library of personal data grows, so does the risk of losing this precious digital content. Hence the need to back up this important and priceless data becomes ever more important. We’re delivering incredibly simple and hassle-free backup solution to protect people’s most valuable digital content. With our wide array of capacities and price points, consumers can even choose to store particular file types like digital music or photos on different USB flash drives”, said Eric Bone, Director, Retail Product Marketing, launching the ‘new family’ of USBs in India.

The flash drive family will continue to have U3 Smart technology, developed by SanDisk, which allows applications to run from a SanDisk USB flash drive without having to be installed on a computer. PC-users can download a variety of both free and paid software, games and content by visiting, or by accessing the SanDisk USB Program Wizard in the U3 Launchpad. Among other bonus applications available for download is the Veoh Web Player for SanDisk, which enables users to watch, download and share Internet video content.

The new SanDisk USB flash drives will be available in April 2009 with SanDisk’s distributors in India – HCL, Micro Ingram and Rashi Peripherals.

The SanDisk Ultra Backup drive includes a five-year limited warranty. Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet.


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