Fujitsu aims to double PC server sales in 2 yrs

Japan’s Fujitsu Ltd said on Monday it aims to double PC server sales in two years to lift its global share to 7 percent from the current 4 percent, as it tries to battle bigger rivals like Hewlett-Packard and Dell Inc.

Fujitsu said its planned buyout of its computer joint venture with Siemens would allow it to offer the same products globally at lower costs, and it hopes that would help it sell 500,000 IA servers, or servers based on Intel Corp’s chips, in 2010.

Fujitsu said it will eventually target a global market share of more than 10 percent for such servers. The company’s share now lags behind HP’s 35 percent, Dell’s 27 percent and IBM’s 14 percent.

“Rather than a target, we consider this as a milestone for Fujitsu to truly become global,” Fujitsu President Kuniaki Nozoe told a briefing.

“Selling 500,000 units is not easy in these economic conditions, but we believe changing ourselves fast enough to clear this level would be a way for us to be able to offer both products and services in the global arena.”

Fujitsu is buying Siemens’ 50 percent stake in Fujitsu Siemens Computers for 450 million euros in April. The venture will change the name to Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

In Japan, Fujitsu said it aims to be the leader in the IA server market with a share of more than 30 percent in 2010. Fujitsu is the biggest player in the country for the overall server market but is the fourth-ranked vendor for IA servers after NEC Corp, HP and Dell.


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