T-Mobile webConnect USB laptop stick

T-Mobile’s long awaited USB dongle is available starting today and we’ve had the pleasure of tinkering with the webConnect USB laptop stick for the day. T-Mobile hooked up with Huawei for their first foray into the mobile arena with a slim and stylish device. Considering how young and fertile T-Mobile’s 3G network, I was surprised by the speeds this little dongle could muster up. I’m currently in Redwood City, CA, and my parent’s house is a bit of a dead zone, but I managed to get 337kbps up and 841kbps down. We’ll see how she does when I get back to NYC where I’m sure the 3G network is a bit more robust. Sadly, it only works with Windows, but T-Mobile promises Mac OS X support this summer.

You can also send SMS messages and connect to Wi-Fi networks or HotSpots.

The built-in connection manager tells you how much data you’ve already used and how much you have left.

The webConnct USB laptop Stick is available starting today and retails for $50 with a 2-year contract after rebate or $100 with a 1-year contract. Or you’ll have to throw down $250 for one without a contract. Service will cost $60/month for 5GB and anything over that will cost you $0.20 per MB.




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